• "Flutter Earrings"

    This piece is an excellent choice for those who appreciate a combination of luxury and playfulness. The design has been meticulously crafted and coated with rhodium, the metal that lends white gold its luster. The wings are embellished with glittering round cubic zirconia stones, making it a real attention-grabber that's perfect for showcasing your whimsical persona.

    Dimensions: 15mm in length
    Stone Dimensions: 1mm

  • "Flutter Necklace"

    It's amazing when you can combine sophistication with playfulness, and this necklace achieves just that. The rhodium plating adds a touch of elegance, giving the piece a shine similar to that of white gold. Additionally, the round cubic zirconia accents reflect the light beautifully. The butterfly design provides a fun element that showcases your personality - both refined and playful at the same time!

  • "Flutter Ring"

    This chic and modern ring features a butterfly design, accented by small, clear stones for a sophisticated touch. It's the perfect statement piece to add a touch of fun and femininity to any outfit.

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